Food is an integral part of any culture and civilization. Every city in India is famous for its special and unique street food, Mumbai is famous for its pav bhaji and bada pav. Hyderabad for its biryani, Lucknow for the kabab, city of Chandigarh is no exception to this. Being the capital of 2 states (Punjab and Haryana )street food in Chandigarh is a perfect blend of the delicacy and culture of both states. Chandigarh’s bustling streets are adorned with hidden gems that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more. So, prepare to embark on a delicious and delightful journey as we unveil the best street food in Chandigarh, where every bite celebrates flavours, culture, and sheer culinary brilliance. Therefore, it’s difficult to pick the best, nevertheless here is the list of best street food in Chandigarh.

The first place to visit for the best street food in Chandigarh is Chaiverse Cafe

Chaiverse Cafe is known among folks for its quality of street food. Chaiverse Cafe serves street food like sandwiches, pasta, pizza, Maggi, and sizzlers both in veg and non-veg options. Other than this, the cafe is known for its ambience, fancy decoration and calm and peaceful vibe. It’s a rooftop cafe central interior of this cafe is well-spaced and organised. The best part of this cafe is it provides various games to play. cafe is also one of the best destinations for birthday parties and celebrations. In addition to this, Chaiverse Cafe is one of the best cafes in Chandigarh.

second of the best street food in Chandigarh is Amritsari Kulcha

Amrit sari kulcha is One of the best street food in the city and people’s favourite at AMRITSAR KULCHA HUB. The place is worth every penny, Amritsar Kulcha Hub. The food joint prepares stuffed Amritsari kulcha in a very traditional way on traditional tawa with mashed potato onion and paneer stuffing in it. 


The next best street food in Chandigarh is chole bhature

chole Bhature may be just a dish for other people. But it’s an emotion for Chandigarh people. chole or chickpea is soft properly cooked and often served with mild gravy. Bhature is crispy, soft and puffed deep-fried roti. Additionally, Dish is served with tamarind chutney, pickled and onion. we personally recommended SODHI ZAIKA SEC 46 CHANDIGRAH eating points to have tasty Punjabi-style chole Bhature. Sodhi Zaika is surrounded by educational institutes like schools and colleges. Because the menu is student-friendly in terms of price, the price is quite reasonable. And in terms of food portions, the size is sufficient to serve one person. Another good point about the shop is that it has a concise menu but enough variety is available. The food you cannot miss from here is pav bhaji, aloo tikki, chole Bhature.

Besides veg food options, you can also try non-veg food. Non-veg, food like egg rolls, chicken tikka, fish tikka, fish Amritsari, Afghani chicken. sodhi special roasted chicken is another food that you must try from this eating joint. Trust me I would personally recommend this dish to you on non veg menu.

Best Street food in Chandigarh  chole bhature

The next food on the list is kachori

SHIV MISTHAN BHANDAR SEC 18.The food shop serves vegetarian food only. Therefore, loved by people of all generations. Known for its reasonable price and authentic quality of food. Additionally, It gives a very traditional retro-type vibe. A must-have food item from here is kachoris. They serve a variety of kachoris like Pyaaz kachori or daal kachori. Additionally, food items like dahi bhalla and chole Bhature are also worth trying from this eating point.

 street food in city of Chandigarh 
Dal and Pyaaz kachories

The next street food on the list is pav bhaji

Bhaji is a gravy of mashed mixed veg served with soft puffy pav with a piece of butter on it. KATANI SWEETS  and KATANI VAISHNO DHABA 3B2 PHASE 3 MOHALI are known for serving the best and most tasty pav bhaji. Restaurants serve exclusively vegetarian food and are known for serving inexpensive veg buffets, have multiple outlets in chd, and each outlet maintains the same quality and standard. Additionally, other recommended street food to try from this eating point is stuffed Amritsari kulcha, pav bhaji,  dahi bhalla, chat Papadi and chole Bhature. In addition to this restaurants have tasty breakfast options like plain parantha, and stuffed parantha like onion parantha and paneer parantha.

Further, the outlet is also famous for sweets like spongy rasgulla, and ras malai gazar ka halwa in winter. In short, must be a place to visit to try veg buffet or pav bhaji. Further, another restaurant I personally recommend to have pav bhaji in CHD is Pav Bhaji Express sec 34.

Street food in CHD pav bhaji


Vada pav, street food finds its origin in the streets of Mumbai. vada pav is a spicy mashed potato round ball sandwich between 2 soft fluffy pavs. The way chole Bhature is emotion for Punjabi and Chandigarh people similarly, vada pav is emotion for Mumbaikar. But the question is can people have Mumbai-style vada pav in CHD? Well certainly, now it’s possible to taste this street food in Chandigarh with the same authentic taste, with Vada Pav outlets like GOLI VADA PAV OUTLET SEC 19 CHD. Goli has many options in vada pav to choose from, from classic to masala mix veg to corn palak and more.

street food in CHD Mumbai style bada pav

Another quick snack to try from the outlet is Sabudana vada pav, cheese finger, and vada lappet. Additionally, another place would recommend for eating Mumbai-style Bada pav Chaayos cafe in sec 22 Chandigarh. Further, some famous roadside vendors can also serve Mumbaikar-style vada pav.

Kathi roll is the next food on the list and places

FIRE N GRILL 10D CHANDIGRAH Eatrey situated near DAV COLLEGE sec 10, makes it a student hangout. The star food item here is the Kathi roll. Kathi roll served with shredded cheese and some sweet sauce. Food item here gives a mixed taste of mid–Eastern flavours fused with our authentic desi Tadka. Kathi’s Roll in ROLL EXPRESS is quite famous among students. ROLL EXPRESS is known for its variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options of Kathi roll. Chicken keema roll, and chicken shawarma roll, are some of the best options from the non-vegetarian section. And Paneer roll and cheesy corn kathi roll are the best picks from the vegetarian section.

street food in CHD veg and non veg Kathi roll

The next food on the list is chaat papdi

 Chaat Papdi, this quick snack needs no introduction. we Indians all over the country no matter which state and city you are in. You will find multiple variations of this dish across the country. chaat, a crispy deep-fried atta Papdi, a mix of tangy sweet spicy sauce, served with curd and beat root alongside. Eateries like CHAAT BHANDAR SEC23. And ram Chat Bhandar is one of the best places to visit for best the street food in Chandigarh. Sec23 is famous among chd folks for having the best street food in Chandigarh, especially for food like Golgappe, and chaat Papdi.

GARG CHAAT is one of the oldest eating point in sec 23 chd. It has a concise menu. Mind well you need to have free time and patience to visit this place as it is the busiest food shop on any day of the week. one has to wait for their turn.  Must-tried food items are Golappe and chaat Papdi and crispy deep-fried aloo tikki. Besides the above discuss food items, some tandoori food items like soya chap and paneer tikka are also worth trying. In short, the eatery is a must-visit place for authentic street food in Chandigarh  

must have street food in Chandigarh Chaat papdi

The next best street food in Chandigarh is Golgappe

RAM CHAT BHANDAR SEC 34 food shop can build a positive reputation by providing quality. Especially in street food. Because of this quality, Its Name pops up in suggestions when you search for the best street food in Chandigarh. The major attraction is their innovative, versatile, precise menu., All the food items on the menu are worth trying. HOWEVER, a food item you cannot miss at all costs is their Golgappe (pani puri ). Especially atta panipuri, what is so special about their pani puri you ask, well 

it’s their variety of flavoured water. They basically have more than 4 types of flavoured water. last panipuri filled with curd and tangy Imli sauce. Another dish to try from this eatery is chaat, aloo tikki. However, the shop is a bit pricey but the food is wonderful.

must have quick snack  in Chd atta golgapee

Aloo tikki is the next food on the list

Tikki is tawa fry disc-shape, crispy brown mashed potato served with sweet tangy spicy chutney curd as a topping. GOPALS Sweets and Restaurant is the perfect place for taking your family out for lunch. The restaurant has multiple outlets throughout the city. The outlet serves some of the best street food in Chandigarh. Therefore, the restaurant is visited by large crowds every day. So that they can munch on some quick snacks, besides chole Bhature is a star dish here. Additionally, the sweets shop is famous for quick sweets like kaju Rasmalaie and kesar spongy rasgulla.

must try  street food in chd - aloo tiki

Dahi bhalla of Sindhi Sweets is next food

Bhalla is a fried round ball prepared with a mixture of 2-3 lentils soaked overnight, to make Bhalla batter. Dahi Bhalla is served as a complete dish where Bhalla is dipped in flavourful and spicy dahi with additional topping to balance the taste. Sindhi Sweets and Restaurant is One of the oldest eateries serving since 1976. And Have multiple outlets across and beyond the city. Serving authenticity and quality food mainly quick snacks and sweets. In quick snacks, their Chole Bhature is the winner. Additionally, must try a dish from here is dahi Bhalla. Additionally, Street foods like pav bhaji, and chaat Papdi and sweets like ras malai, and kesar rasgulla are worth trying.

Gopal’s and Sindhi Sweets both eating points are one of the oldest food and sweets shops. Therefore It is people’s favourite place to have quality and inexpensive street food in Chandigarh. In short, a must place to visit with family and friends.

street food in chd dahi bhalla

Best street food in Chandigarh in non-veg. category

The best street food in Chandigarh in the non-veg category is chicken tikka and Kebab. chicken tikka juicy piece of chicken marinated in a flavourful yoghurt-based mixture and grilled properly. PAL DHABA SEC 28 CHANDIGRAH, is a great place for having brunch and get together with friends or a proper lunch dinner and dining experience with family. A quick snack to try from here is chicken tikka, tandoori mutton tikka , keema kelji , chicken curry .

must have non veg snack in CHD is chicken tikka

GARAM DHARAM situated sec 26, a popular street food shop in a sec. Famous as a terrific spot for non-veg kebabs. Eatery offers a variety of kebabs, like seekh kebab, chicken malai kebab, and mutton Galouti kebab.  chicken tikka and kebabs are starter dishes in any non-veg buffet restaurants. Eatery is heaven for meat lovers.

must try non veg snack in CHD -chicken and mutton kabab



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